We offer a wide range of services to a wide range of clients. We cater for almost all makes and models of car and undertake all types of work from basic servicing to one-off custom modifications.

We have maintained and modified cars from Citroen H Vans to 800bhp Supras, so trust that your vehicle is in excellent hands at DI Racing.

We can appraise your vehicle and financial situation and offer bespoke upgrade packages for any budget!

Services Include

  • Stage Tuning
    • Stage one: Basic induction and exhaust work
    • Stage two: Intercooler upgrade, boost control, upgraded air-flow metering
    • Stage three: Stand-alone engine management, uprated injectors & fuel pump
    • Stage four: Major internal head and block work
  • Turbocharging including all necessary fabrication
  • All servicing and preventative maintenance
  • Crash repair work including bodywork and paintwork
  • Any fabrication all done in-house, including CnC machines
  • MOT preparation and testing
  • Geometry setup
  • Painting and spraying
  • Fabrication from stainless steel and aluminium (all grades)
  • Exhaust manifolds, engine mounts, intake plenums etc, all custom fabricated to customers requirements
  • Custom full exhaust systems made to your requirements (all stainless steel grades)
  • Parts sourced and fitted
  • Customer parts fitted
  • Transmission conversions (auto to manual, 5 to 6 speed, etc), gearbox rebuild service
  • Any one-off custom modification catered for
  • Intercooler/intake pipe work
  • Air conditioning recharging and removal of such systems


If you are looking for work to be done that has not been listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help.